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The Black Mothers March on the White House is a coalition of black-led organizations that have been involved in the struggle to rescue our children from the custody of the State. We exist to expose the systematic attack on black women and the black family by the U.S. government. The U.S. Government has been able to perpetuate this terror on our communities under the guise of “protecting children” using the Department of Human Services, euphemistically referred to as Child Protective Services.

Our Mother’s Day March is a condemnation of the colonialist policies that target the foundation of black life and to raise a collective voice of people who have been isolated and victimized by this system. We see this work as part of the overall struggle to free black people from the clutches of colonial domination. We will take the sheets off “child protective services” to expose the continued genocide against African people.

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Leadership Team

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Naima Lewis

Children's Village

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