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Buy Black Friday is a fundraiser to support the Black Mothers March on the White House. When you shop with these Black Businesses on March 10th, a percentage of the proceeds will be donated to the Black Mothers March on the White House coalition. 

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Participating Businesses: 

Decolonaise Hair & Body

Decolonaise Hair and Body,  is a personal care brand that is the main economic development project of the African National Women’s Organization


At DeColonaise Hair and Body, we understand that  colonialism has a major impact on how we view and take care of ourselves and thus believe that the practice of decolonization should be applied to our beauty and personal care practices. Our products remedy everything from dry skin to thirsty hair. So while you are decolonizing your hair and body with our natural products that will destroy free-radicals, and eliminate toxins, read the revolutionary quotes on our packaging begin conversations about freedom.


Respond in Power Guide

Drawn from a lifetime of frontline work in the field of child welfare, The Respond in Power Guide: A Parent and Caretaker Guide to the Child Protection System is a solution to a problem that has plagued the system for far too long. For the first time ever, parents and caretakers will have the playbook used by child protection workers across the country.

By following and implementing the strategies in this guide, your actions will show CPS your child is safe and you intend to protect your parental rights. 

Proceeds from the purchase of the Respond in Power Guide help fuel the critical work of Operation Stop CPS. 


ANWO Merch

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Operation Stop CPS Merch

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Twisted Yogi is a space dedicated to healing and rediscovering life through movement and meditation. We believe that everyone has the right to freedom and liberation of the Mind, Body and Soul; all that yoga offers. 

We combine movement, mindfulness and meditation to release negative energies of the body and mind, while restoring the self to its own unique source of energy.

We understand that there is a connection between yoga and social justice and we advocate and activate to help our communities harness the power of their breath and stand in their true inheritance.


Twisted Yogi Merch

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B is for Black Girl is a book celebrating all things Black Girl. The brand was created by twins, Chelsae and Channing Moreland, to empower and inspire Black girls to embrace their uniqueness, while authoring and asserting a positive representation of Black girl culture for all audiences.

B is for Black boy was written to celebrate the awe-inspiring nature of the Black male; To speak life into our Black boys and to empower them to manifest their highest potential. While authoring and asserting a positive representation of Black boys for all audiences.

Ready to start your yoga journey? Book your Private Session TODAY!

These Private Sessions will include:

  • Introduction to foundational yoga asana practice

  • Calming the mind and aligning the body through breathework 

  • Personalized experience best suited for your individual needs, goals and wants. 


B is for Black Girls Merch

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SHOP B is for Black Girl Merch

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